Is Toyota Working on Autonomous Car Technology?

Toyota Continues to Research New Vehicle Safety Technology

Is Toyota Working on Autonomous Car Technology?

Efficient vehicles such as hybrid or electric models are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the rapid growth in newer technology, car manufacturers are able to continue to improve upon the most popular of car designs. However, new technology means that self-driving vehicles might be right around the corner. So is Toyota working on autonomous car technology?

Announced back in 2014, Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) launched a 5-year-long research program that would put forth $35 million into automotive safety research through the year 2021, in hopes to expand the vision for the future of mobility through autonomous vehicles.

At the end of May, Toyota said that they were now into the next phase of their research which they are calling “CSRC Next.” With the next phase of their research underway, Toyota has said that they are focusing on four aspects of their research. These include:

  • The potential integration of active and passive safety systems, using advanced pre-crash sensors to improve and personalize crash protection
  • Building advanced technology vehicle user experience models for individuals and society in order to improve usability and strengthen the driver-vehicle relationship
  • Studying driver state detection, working to improve mobility using metrics for physiology and health
  • Applying big data and safety analytics techniques to develop algorithms and tools to study naturalistic driving data
Toyota CSRC looking at car research

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History of the Toyota CSRC

The Toyota CSRC program was first introduced in 2011, and the research center has completed 44 research projects with 23 different universities, hospitals and other various research institutions. These efforts have resulted in a better understanding of automotive safety in hopes to reduce the number of traffic injuries and fatalities.

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