Toyota in-vehicle camera illustration

Learn how the Convenient Lane Departure Alert and Steering Assist Functions

How Does Toyota Lane Departure Alert Work?

Many times, drivers aren’t 100% alert or engaged at the wheel. This can easily be the case of driving while tired or somewhat going on auto-pilot during a long commute or trip. Because of this, sometimes we unintentionally drift a bit out of lanes. This is extremely dangerous, but luckily great safety features such as the Toyota Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is there to help. So, how does Toyota Lane Departure Alert work?

Lane Departure Alert diagram on instrument panelThe Lane Departure Alert is a part of the Toyota Safety Sense suite of safety features. This system is able to detect white and yellow lane markers by using an in-vehicle camera system in order to recognize when a vehicle is starting to deviate from the visibly marked lane. Drivers will be able to see on the instrument panel if these lane markers are indeed recognized. However, if the lines are undetected, the lines on the display will not be filled in. Of course, they will be filled in if they are detected by the Lane Departure System. The Lane Departure Alert will also work when the vehicle is going more than 32 mph and is driving on a relatively straight road.

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If the vehicle does start to cross into another lane unintentionally, the system will give the driver both a visual and audio cue to alert them to the vehicle drifting out of lane. The audio and visual cues won’t trigger of course if the driver signals over to another lane and intentionally moves over.

Toyota Steering Assist

If the driver does not respond to the alerts, the Toyota Steering Assist feature can automatically correct steering inputs and correct the trajectory of the vehicle to get the car safely back in lane.

Now that you know how the Toyota Lane Departure Alert works, you can see all of the available safety features offered by Toyota by test driving your favorite models at our dealership today. You can also contact us at Apple Valley Toyota in order to learn more about any of our in-stock vehicles.